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  • New Zealand Teachers Council Social Media Website

    The New Zealand Teachers Council launched their Social Media website at ULearn in October.  Structured around the guideline...urces and scenarios for teachers to consider as they explore the world of social med...

  • Social competence workshop on 9 November 1:30-2:30

    Want to know a little bit more about what is happening during the social competence?  Check out this video (you will need to be logged in to ECEONLINE to view this video):   Whakarauikatia mai Aotearoa: Social Competence workshop from ECEONLINE on Vimeo.  

  • Conference Abstracts

        Abstracts: Valuing Identity, Language and Culture in yo...ere behind in literacy, numeracy and social skills when they started scho...arning experiences that foster their social, emotional, physical and inte...the nature of young children’s social int...