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    ...e main focus on identity, language and culture.The first experience highlighted the importance of knowing the learner which helped make strong relationships between the teachers/whanau a...


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  • Hi Every-one. We are currently doing a self review on how we can enhance our established relationships with families using ICT.

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  • Social competence

    ...als in social interaction while simultaneously maintaining positive relationships with others over time and acr...(1991).  Having friends, making friends, and keeping friends: Relationships as educational contexts. In E...

  • Social competence resources

    ...2006) Emotional Correlates of Social Competence In Children's Peer Relationships - Hubbard, J.A. & Coie, J...6). Friendship Making friends:  Assisting children's early relationships - Goldman, B & Buysse, V...

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  • Infants and Toddlers

    Infants and Toddlers

    ...that their service provides for their community through exploring components of infant and toddler learning environments: interactions and relationships routines the leaning enviro...


  • Respect is in the detail

    In this video, Katherine Bussey discusses some of the ways she demonstrates respect for infants and toddlers in her daily practice. The accompanying reflective questions can be used, after viewing the video, as a tool to support you and/or your colleagues to reflect on Katherine's key messages. ...

    Tags: infants and toddlers, interactions, relationships

  • Jocelyn Wright

    I currently work in Chennai India where I am the director of an early leanring centre. I have been seconded to this position from my previous role at CORE Education where I was an early years professional learning facilitator.  I have been involved in teaching & PD in the NZ early childhood e...

    Skills: Professional learning facilitation, contract management, relationships, eLearning in ECE

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