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  • A pedagogical approach to ICT

    This series from the Ministry of Education Educate Website takes a look at the pedagogy behind using ICT in early childhood.

    Tags: ICT, pedagogy. tag_names:subjects: leadership, pedagogy

  • Sir Ken Robinson Keynote Video at the NYSCATE Conference

    In this video, Sir Ken Robinson, talks about creativity, innovation, the power of imagination and the re-creation of education. If you haven't heard Sir Ken talk, he is always worth the watch.  He presents with humour while delivering an informative message that makes you think .

    tag_names:subjects: leadership, pedagogy

  • Using ICT to support children's Samoan language, interests and learning - Action Research by A'oga Fa'a Samoa

    This online web report outlines A'oga Fa'a Samoa's three-year action research that investigated the research question "How can teachers at teh A'ogan Fa'a Samoa support children's Samoan language, interests and learning through ICT?”

    tag_names:subjects: literacy, pedagogy

  • Families and ICT

    In this series, from the Ministry of Education Educate site, ICT and how it can strengthen communication with famiies is considered.  Videos, literature and reflective questions are included.

    tag_names:subjects: leadership, pedagogy

  • The power of documentation by Hilary Seitz

    This NAEYC article by Hilary Seitz looks at documentation in early childhood including how, why and where to document noting "Often the documentation provides insights into children's thinking and helps drive the future curriculum" (p. 92) Read the article here:  The Power of documentation ...

    tag_names:subjects: leadership, pedagogy

  • Narratives for learning: Sharing giftedness through learning stories

    This article is a position paper where Margrain (2009) outlines the "nature of learning stories as a narrative assessment approach, and to consider how the strengths of this approach may be useful for young gifted learners in New Zealand" (p. 1).

    tag_names:subjects: leadership, pedagogy

  • Portfolios: Documenting a Journey by Nolan and Reynolds

    As part of the Early Childhood Australia Inc Series, Noland and Reynolds outline the purpose of a portfolio as a learning tool.

    tag_names:subjects: leadership, pedagogy

  • Understanding diverse learners

    This is must watch 20 minute video! At the recent 2012 Teaching Tolerance Culturally Responsive Teaching Awards in Washington Lisa Delpit delivered this keynote address. I was so inspired I had to share it with you all. Lisa's words are so powerful. One of the concepts she talks about is the di...

    Tags: culturally responsive teaching, diverse learners, pedagogy. tag_names:subjects: pedagogy

  • Intentional Teaching

    This article from the Early Childhood Australia network outlines what it means to be an Intentional Teacher.  It talks about teaching that is 'thoughtful, informed and deliberate'. Intentional Teaching.pdf

    tag_names:subjects: leadership, pedagogy

  • Building Kaupapa Māori into Early Childhood Education

    "This project examined how bicultural competence is applied in the education of early childhood teachers with regards to Māori pedagogies, identities, languages and cultural beliefs, and how Māori pedagogies are valued in the provision of early childhood education in Aotearoa. A Kaupapa Māori met...

    tag_names:subjects: environment, leadership, pedagogy