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  • NAEYC - Mathematical Pattern Hunters (PDF 536KB)

    This article by Whitin and Whitin (May 2011) looks at children’s mathematical investigations of patterns (inspired by the book One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab), and describes how children use talk, writing, drawing and gesture to convey their understanding of numerical patterns.

    Tags: literacy, maths

  • Exploring Mathematical Concepts

    Shiree Lee from the University of Auckland shares her handout for starting point for explorring mathematical concepts.

    Tags: maths, numeracy

  • Puzzle play helps boost learning math related skills

    This short web article describes research investigating puzzle play of 2-4 year olds has found that children who engage with puzzles are more likely to develop better spatial skills at age 54 months.  The study also found that boys tended to engage with more complex puzzles than girls and we...

    Tags: maths, play, puzzle

  • Mathematics Pāngarau

    This is book 18 from Kei Tua o te Pae - Assessment for Learning: Early Childhood Exemplars The exemplars in this book should be considered in conjunction with the discussion in Book 16. A definition of mathematics and statistics in The New Zealand Curriculum includes the stat...

    Tags: maths, numeracy, mathematics, assessment,

  • Maths, Block play and learning

    Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand interviews Maureen Woodhams about maths, block play and learning in early childhood.

    Tags: maths, numeracy, block play

  • Process Cooking in Early Childhood Book

    Sue Kilgour has published a NZ process cooking book which provides recipes, handy hints, group cooking ideas and beautiful photos of children involved in the cooking processes. Te reo Māori is also woven through this book, providing useful translation of words and phrases. This maths/cooking reso...

    Tags: maths, cooking