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  • The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success: Eduardo Briceno at TEDxManhattan

    Our mindset, our understanding of intelligience and abilities, determines how we will learn.  In the TedxManhattan talk Eduardo Briceno talks about building abilities and supporting learners.   Relevant for teachers and learners of all ages.  Watch now and let us know what you thin...

    Tags: mindset, learning,

  • Landscape for learning: The impact of classroom design for infants and toddlers

    In this article, Torelli & Durrett, consider what makes an effective learing environment for infants and toddlers.  This includes the planning process and design, spaces for movement, collaboration, storage and supervision, concluding: "A developmentally designed environment supports ch...

    Tags: environments, learning, infants and toddlers,

  • Let the Children Play

    This article, from the Candian Council on Learning, looks at learning through play noting  "Play enhances every aspect of children’s development and learning. It is children’s window to the world. Play is so important that its significance in children’s lives is recognized...

    Tags: play, learning

  • Remaining a Learner: A matter of mindset

    Bosse Larsson, at the 16th International Conference of Thinking, Wellington, January 2013, talks about mindsets and how to help our children learn.  In this short video, Bosse shares thinking about growth mindsets, creativity, questioning and providing feedback to children. Bosse refers to ...

    Tags: thinking, learning, questioning, creativity, mindsets

  • The power of documentation by Hilary Seitz

    This NAEYC article by Hilary Seitz looks at documentation in early childhood including how, why and where to document noting "Often the documentation provides insights into children's thinking and helps drive the future curriculum" (p. 92) Read the article here:  The Power of documentation ...

    Tags: learning, documentation, learning stories

  • Carol Dweck: Mindset interview

    Carol Dweck talks about her research around mindsets and growing learners.

    Tags: mindsets, learning, brain muscle

  • How not to talk to kids: The inverse power of praise

    This New York Magazine feature investigates how we talk to children, the nature of praise and how mindsets can alter our beliefs in our intelligence and abilities.  

    Tags: mindsets, learning, brain muscle

  • The key to success? Grit

    In this TED talk, Angela Lee Duckworth explores success and perserverance.  She draws on her experience as a classroom teacher and her research around learning.  

    Tags: brain development, learning, mindset,

  • Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning

    Video and Abstract taken from Harvard University - Center on the Developing Child Being able to focus, hold, and work with information in mind, filter distractions, and switch gears is like having an air traffic control system at a busy airport to manage the arrivals and departures of dozens...

    Tags: social competence, learning, brain development

  • Talking about art with young people: conversational strategies for aesthetic learning in early childhood settings

    In this article from the International Art in Early Childhood Journal, Dr David Bell from the University of Otago, talks about art in early childhood.  The abstract is as follows: "In recent years, curriculum constructs for primary and secondary schools arts learning have complemented conve...

    Tags: art, learning