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  • Enticing environments for infants and toddlers

    Written by Tania Coutts and Justine Mason, CORE Education, April 2011 This story describes a centre's journey to improve their outdoor environment by undertaking a 'nature challenge'. Reflective questions, following the story (and in Word), can be used to provoke further thinking and disc...

    Tags: infants and toddlers, environment,

  • ECE Educate: Creating a powerful inside learning environment

    In this article, EC Coordinators Stuart Guyton and Lisa Terini consider the design of inside environments for infants and toddlers.

    Tags: environment, infants and toddlers, designing spaces

  • A sense of place

    Written by Jocelyn Wright, CORE Education, April 2011 The early childhood environment can contribute toward a growing sense of belonging in Aotearoa New Zealand for our very young children. Te Whāriki talks about children and families/whānau experiencing an environment where connecting links w...

    Tags: infants and toddlers, culturally responsive, environment, . tag_names:subjects: infants and toddlers, environment

  • The power of ordinary moments

    What could be ordinary moments can be powerful teaching moments.  Forman, Hall and Berglund discuss how observation and conversation can help learning and teaching.

    tag_names:subjects: infants and toddlers, environment, pedagogy

  • Photo album

    You are invited to upload photographs of features in your environment to show others what environmental connectedness can look like in infant and toddler environments - let others be inspired by your ideas.

    tag_names:subjects: environment

  • Children's right to play

    Written by Stuart Lester and Wendy Russell, this 2010 working paper provides an examination of the importance of play in the lives of children worldwide.  Chapters include understanding play, play in context, play as self-protection, play as participation in every-day life, and providing env...

    tag_names:subjects: social competence, infants and toddlers, play, environment, leadership, pedagogy

  • Fostering language acquisition in daycare settings: What the research tells us

    Simone Beller examines research and theories surrounding language acquisition, and how the early childhood education environment impacts on developing language.  "Several studies (see chapters 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3) showed that language is better acquired in informal instructional settings and i...

    tag_names:subjects: social competence, infants and toddlers, literacy, environment, pedagogy, literacy and numeracy resource, social competence resource

  • "I am safe and secure: Promoting resilience in young children"

    This article by Pizzolongo & Hunter in 'Young Children' looks at what resilience is and how teachers and parents can promote this skill in the early years, noting that positive relationships and environments are essential.

    tag_names:subjects: social competence, environment, social competence resource

  • Are you a highly qualified, emotionally intelligent early childhood educator?

    This article considers emotionally intelligent teachers and environments noting that: "Successful early childhood educators need patience and the ability to observe children, behaviour, environments, colleagues and families and to use what they discover to create an environment that supports chi...

    tag_names:subjects: social competence, transition, environment, transitions resource, leadership resource, social competence resource

  • Media as Social Partners: The Social Nature of Young Children’s Learning From Screen Media

    Richert, Robb & Smith review research that looks at the impact of children's learning from screen media such as television.  

    Tags: literacy, environment, pedagogy. tag_names:subjects: literacy, environment, pedagogy