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  • Children guinea pigs for new tech world

    This Fairfax article looks at how technology may be changing the way our brains are wired presenting views from Sir Peter Gluckman, PPTA, teachers and principals.

    tag_names:subjects: environment, pedagogy

  • Beautiful environments

    CORE Education's senior consultant Mark Osborne has been sharing a series of 'beautiful school buildings' on twitter. I thought I'd share them here too. Because they are so inspiring and well, beautiful. Imagine what we could/will do in Christchurch!#1: Telefonplan School, Sweden. 'Learning villa...

    Tags: environment. tag_names:subjects: environment

  • Learning with iPads

    Allanah King is a Blended eLearning Facilitator for CORE Education. In this talk she outlines the main reasons why she likes to facilitate learning with iPads. Learning with iPads from EDtalks on Vimeo.

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  • Change: Loss, opportunity and resilience

    In this recorded 10 minute representation, Prof. Sharon Danes of the University of Minnesota talks about how humans respond to change.  The presentation includes the stages of the grief cycle and change as opportunity.

    tag_names:subjects: social competence, transition, environment, leadership, pedagogy

  • Looking Forward, Looking Back: Still Stuck

    The uncertainty that exists for families of children attending early childhood education centres in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes is presenting new challenges in terms of shifting services and starting school. This is the story of one ‘red-zoned’ family’s experience. ...

    Tags: environment, transition, Christchurch, dislocation

  • Many Languages, One Teacher: Supporting Language and Literacy Development for Preschool Dual Language Learners

    In this NAEYC article, Magruder, Hayslip, Espinosa and Matera consider how teachers can support young children who have two or more languages.  They note:"that a strong home-language base makes it easier to learn English, and that young children can learn two la...

    tag_names:subjects: literacy, environment

  • Looking Forward, Looking Back: A Lost Treasure

    This video in the Looking Forward, Looking Back series tells the story of Portobelo Preschool, which operated out of the Cranmer Centre in Christchurch and never re-opened following the February 22nd earthquakes. Looking Forward, Looking Back: A Lost Treasure from EDtalks on Vimeo.

    Tags: environment, transition, Christchurch, dislocation. tag_names:subjects: environment

  • Improving student writing with digital stories

    In this video featured on TKI,  Bridget Harrison's class at Kimi Ora Community School is 100% Māori and Pasifika students with many having English as a second language.  Bridget talks about children being able to create stories, and how these stories can be in their first language....

    tag_names:subjects: literacy, environment

  • Young children learning with toys and technologies at home

    In this research briefing, the University of Stirling considers the ways in which young children learn with technology.  They noted that while technologies played only a small part in young children's lives, the research did suggest that technologies expose young children to learn about the ...

    Tags: iPads, technology, tablets, environment. tag_names:subjects: numeracy, literacy, environment, leadership, pedagogy

  • Seven myths about young children and technology

    In this article, Plowman and McPake consider myths about young children and technology. Abstract: "There has been widespread media coverage about the advantages and disadvantages of children being exposed to computers and other digital media at ever-younger ages, but research evidence to inform...

    Tags: iPads, technology, tablets, environment. tag_names:subjects: play, numeracy, literacy, environment, leadership, pedagogy