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        Abstracts: Valuing Identity, Language and Culture in your community - Amanda Jackson’s is engaged in rich learning experiences that foster their social, emotional,...


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  • Emotional Regulation Workshop everyone who attended the Emotional Regulation workshop tonight.  Ther...ow well they developed “emotional regulation and self-control” duri...9.    Resources: Emotional Regulation:   Developing young chi...

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  • Wow! Have just started reading "How to promote children's social & emotional competence" by Webster-Stratton. Looks like a fantastic read.

  • Want to know more about emotional regulation in young children? Check out the free online workshop on our virtual workshop page.

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    ..., behaviour and friendships: Emotional regulation Self-regulation:  A cornerstone of earl...06). The double-edged sword: Emotional regulation for children at risk - Thomps...!":  Teaching social and emotional skills.  Beyond the Jounr...

  • Emotional regulation

    ...ion, February 2011 What is emotional regulation? Emotional regulation is the ability to manage and...ractions. The development of emotional regulation Developing in a framework of...e demonstrating and modelling emotional regulation but we are also aware of its...

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  • Emotional Regulation

    Emotional Regulation

    Want to know more about Emotional Regulation in young children, and find out about new resources and discussions on the topic?  Join this group and you will be notified as new information...


  • Emotional regulation

    Written by Tara Fagan, CORE Education, February 2011 What is emotional regulation? Emotional regulation is the ability to manage and express emotions in a socially acceptable way. It is learning to control emotions to successfully interact with others. This includes the regulating of anger, f...

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  • Reassessing Emotion Regulation (PDF 107KB)

    This article from Child Development Perspectives (Vol 2(3), 124–131) by Thompson, Lewis, and Calkins, discusses the implications for the study of emotion regulation of the systems view that it "is a component of (rather than a response to) emotional activation, [and] that it derives from th...

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