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  • Culturally responsive caregiving practices

    Written by Justine Mason, CORE Education, April 2011 Have you ever taken the time to think about why you carry out caregiving practices in the way that you do? Centre caregiving routines are one way that teachers/settings express cultural and personal values that are important to them. D...

    Tags: infants and toddlers, routines, culturally responsive

  • A sense of place

    Written by Jocelyn Wright, CORE Education, April 2011 The early childhood environment can contribute toward a growing sense of belonging in Aotearoa New Zealand for our very young children. Te Whāriki talks about children and families/whānau experiencing an environment where connecting links w...

    Tags: infants and toddlers, culturally responsive, environment,

  • Connecting with NZ's Native Tui

    by Maria Thangaraj This video of the singing Tui was shot at our preschool when the Tui visited us this week!  Our native trees invite birds of all sorts to visit us from time to time and many of our children enjoy bird watching, bird feeding and learning more about wildlife in general....

    Tags: infants and toddlers, environment, culturally responsive,

  • Nature Nurtures - Connecting children with their environment (A presentation)

    by Maria Thangaraj This presentation includes photographs of nature and wildlife in NZ taken during our holidays over the years.  This would be an excellent resource to use with our children on a wet and grey inside day, which no doubt will help them connect wtih their environment, ext...

    Tags: infants and toddlers, environment, culturally responsive,

  • Ten tips for culturally sensitive childcare

    Tags: identity, culturally responsive,