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  • The key to success? Grit

    In this TED talk, Angela Lee Duckworth explores success and perserverance.  She draws on her experience as a classroom teacher and her research around learning.  

    Tags: brain development, learning, mindset,

  • Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning

    Video and Abstract taken from Harvard University - Center on the Developing Child Being able to focus, hold, and work with information in mind, filter distractions, and switch gears is like having an air traffic control system at a busy airport to manage the arrivals and departures of dozens...

    Tags: social competence, learning, brain development

  • What do high quality childcare centres look like?

    This artice by Kim van Duivan provides considerations for parents to think about when choosing out of home care for their child/ren What do high quality childcare centres look like?

    Tags: brain development, attachment,

  • Relationship-Shaping: Teacher consistency & implications for brain development

    Relationship-Shaping: Teacher consistency & implications for brain development This 2005 article explores brain research and the imoplications for working with infants and toddlers

    Tags: brain development, relationships, neuroscience, pedagogy, resilience,

  • Brain development of babies

    In this video Nathan Mikaere-Wallis discusses the importance of the first three years of life on the development of the human brain.

    Tags: brain development, relationships, attachment,

  • The science of early childhood development

    In this video Jack P Shonkoff M.D, the director of the Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University provides insight into child development from neuroscience and behavioral research. In brief-the science of early childhood development    

    Tags: brain development, neuroscience, relationships, interactions,

  • Babies, Brains nature and nurture

    What do you know about babies and young children developing self regulation skills?

    Tags: social and emotional learning, social competence, infants and toddlers, brain development

  • Three Core Concepts in Early Development

    These three videos from The Centre on the Developing Child - Harvard Universtiy and The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child show how advances in the sciences have allowed us to understand more fully the ways early experiences are "built into our bodies and brains". Video 1 - Expe...

    Tags: infants, toddlers, brain development, neuroscience, toxic stress, serve and return, interactions

  • Toxic Stress - the facts

    This information describes the body's three responses to stress.  These terms refer to the effects of the stress on the body. When we exprerience stress our bodies prepare us to respond by elevating our heart rate, increasing blood pressure and increasing hormone levels. When these response...

    Tags: infants toddlers, toxic stress, brain development, neuroscience, brain architecture