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  • Social competence

    Written by Tara Fagan, CORE Education, February 2011 Social interactions In our lives we need to interact with others. These interactions include people with connections to us such as family, friends, teachers, peers and also people without such a direct connection to us who we come across ...

    Tags: social competence, interactions, behaviour, friendship

  • Social competence resources

    Resources relating to young children's social interactions, behaviour and friendships: Emotional regulation Self-regulation:  A cornerstone of early childhood development - Groves-Gillespie, L. & Seibel, N.L. (2006). The double-edged sword: Emotional regulation for children at ri...

    Tags: social competence, interactions, behaviour, friendship

  • The Babies Movie

    Tags: infants and toddlers, environment, interactions, resources

  • Interactions and relationships

    Written by Justine Mason, CORE Education, February 2011 The importance of reciprocal and responsive relationships in early childhood care and education is well established. Genuine responsive teacher/educator interactions are recognised as a key indicator of what constitutes quality for childr...

    Tags: interactions, relationships

  • Respect is in the detail

    In this video, Katherine Bussey discusses some of the ways she demonstrates respect for infants and toddlers in her daily practice. The accompanying reflective questions can be used, after viewing the video, as a tool to support you and/or your colleagues to reflect on Katherine's key messages. ...

    Tags: infants and toddlers, interactions, relationships

  • Why Love Matters: A Book Review

    Tags: infants, infants and toddlers, brain development, interactions

  • Interactions

    Through their interactions with children, educators have a key role in extending children's learning and development. This printable PDF provides information about interactions including the different types of interactions that support (or not) childrens relationships with adults and their peers ...

    Tags: social interactions, interactions, relationships, infants and toddlers, young children,

  • Some thoughts about consistency of care

    Tags: infants and toddlers, interactions, consistency of care

  • The science of early childhood development

    In this video Jack P Shonkoff M.D, the director of the Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University provides insight into child development from neuroscience and behavioral research. In brief-the science of early childhood development    

    Tags: brain development, neuroscience, relationships, interactions,

  • Three Core Concepts in Early Development

    These three videos from The Centre on the Developing Child - Harvard Universtiy and The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child show how advances in the sciences have allowed us to understand more fully the ways early experiences are "built into our bodies and brains". Video 1 - Expe...

    Tags: infants, toddlers, brain development, neuroscience, toxic stress, serve and return, interactions