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  • Justine Mason

    About me: ...rly childhood professional development for 10 years.  I am interested in infant and toddler curriculum, assesment, the integration of meaningful ICT in early childhood.  I hav...Interests: ict's

  • Sharon Carlson

    About me: ...oined CORE Education in 2006 to facilitate the Early Childhood Education ICT Professional Learning Program...teachers to extend their skills and knowledge across the curriculum, in ICT, and pedagogy. It also stretc...Skills: ICT

  • Beverly

    About me: for 10 prior to teaching. I worked with Tania Coutts on Manaia's ECE ICT Pl Research through CORE Ed f..., creativity and technology. I write a personal/professional blog -

  • Tania

    About me: ...or to working at CORE, I was Head Teacher at Manaia Kindergarten.  As a teaching team we were well known nationally for our practice in integrating ICT for teaching and learning, an...

  • NICT

  • liz cooksey

    About me: ...cluded 10 years as a teaching assistant in special schools, a special needs youth club leader and a nanny for 3 children. (excuse the posey prfile picture... i nabbed it from my fac...

  • Wendy Blackmun

    Interests: ict

  • Renee Ashworth

    Interests: infants and toddlers; pedagogy ; leadership; ict; dispositions