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The wonder of watching a child learning to crawl/walk...

A 'one page' which I have shared with my teams.  On this page there are two links for teachers to watch - specifically thinking about the role of observation and what it means to be intentional when working with children up to the age of two.


  • Donna Chisholm

    This is my first ever contribution and like the young lady in these video's I am satisfied and PROUD of my effort. Thanks everyone.

  • Belinda Williams

    Thank you for sharing these videos - Iwill be showing them to my team at our next staff meeting. I recommend that anyone working with infants makes time to watch them. 

  • Donna Rowland

    Wow!! That;s really powerful Donna, it reminds me how very privileged I am to be a party to those experiences every single day! Love it, thankyou for sharing!!! 

  • Trish Robbins

    Thank you Donna for sharing those wonderful clips. Time  and space are such amazing resources in an a baby environment. A great thing to reflect on when thinking about child/space ratio's and teacher/child ratios.

  • helen.cartwright

    Amazing videos my Elizabeth is doing all of this right now so it was so cool to be able to relate to the movements.

  • Tania

    Awesome Donna - thank you for sharingCool.  We are also able to embed You Tube clips we find in here - a quick tutorial in case others in this conversation find clips they would like to share.  When you are in You Tube click on...  Share - Next Click on Embed and a highlighted lot of 'letters' will come up.  This is HTML.  Copy this HTML by clicking on Ctrl C or right click copy.  Then back to ECEOnline where you want to check.  Click on Embed Content at top of comment box.  When you click on that you will see an Embed Code button - click on this and paste the HTML code in there.  Then click post.  You will have embedded a You Tube clip. Give it a go everyone!