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sustained interactions

In this video Rebecca is involved in a sustained interaction with her cousin Caleb. Rebecca is 3 months old. Take some time to watch their conversation...........

Consider this....

How many turns did you see Rebecca and Caleb take in contributing to this sustained interaction?

What words would you use to describe Rebecca and Caleb's conversation? 

We invite you to share the words you use to describe conversations between adults and infants in your settings.



  • Marion Adams

    I saw and heard them take 5 turns each. It was a lovely example of a reciprocal partnership where both parties were 100% present. Rebecca is completely foccussed on Caleb's face watching how it moves as she appears to take the lead in a conversation where she experiments using different sounds and volume levels. Caleb participates by mimicking her, showing his interest and encouraging her to maintain the conversation.

  • Justine Mason

    Kia ora Marion, thanks for your comment. Amazing isnt it to take time to watch interactions like this and see the complexity. It reminds me of the importance of slowing down to take notice of our interactions with infant and toddlers. Are we better positioned to respond in meaningful ways if we do this?