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Why talking with young children and feeding in vocabulary is so important for under 3's.

Take a look at this video which is about 5 mins long - it's all about the critical importance of exposing babies and under 3's to a rich and varied vocabulary and how important that is.  This video started me thinking about a few things:  

1:  Background music in infant and toddler rooms - how much does that hinder language and the ability to hear vocabulary - what's it's purpose and should it be actively discouraged?

2.  Using taped singing for music sessions - music and singng so important to increase children's vocabulary - the study in the video said that tv had no impact on increasing children's vocabulary. Would taped singing have a similar outcome?  Do children need to see and hear our mouth and tongue muscles working to form words and sounds.

3.  What impact does technology, particularly hand-held devices have on parents ability to communicate with babies - are we texting instead of talking?