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Seven myths about young children and technology

In this article, Plowman and McPake consider myths about young children and technology.


"There has been widespread media coverage about the advantages and disadvantages of children being exposed to computers and other digital media at ever-younger ages, but research evidence to inform this debate is limited. In its absence, a number of myths about children’s experiences with technologies have emerged. We select seven statements, both for and against children’s use of technology, to represent positions we have come across from the media, parents and educators. Findings from detailed case studies of the everyday lives of three- and four-year-old children in Scotland are used to interrogate some of these myths. The discussion includes a description of which technologies children encounter at home, how family practices influence children’s encounters with technology, and why it is beneficial for education professionals to know more about children’s experiences with technology at home."


Citation: Plowman L & McPake J (2013). Seven Myths About Young Children and Technology. Childhood Education 89 (1) 27-33.