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Children's Wisdom

 This video captures the positive outcomes for children and teachers through collaborative teaching and learning within an ICT-embedded environment.

Nine services were featured from the Central North Island Cluster. The following are their individual focus areas:

Cambridge Early Learning Centre Trust (The Pagoda):  The capturing and sharing of children’s emergent literacy using multimedia tools, which allowed them to revisit and critique their visual and oral literacy development. Additional learning was identified such as collaboration, improved social skills, turn taking, empowerment and creativity.

Rototuna Early Education Centre:  Integrating ICT (as digital stories) into children’s experiences to enhance their learning, developing capability and competentencies in thinking, language use, and creative processes.

Campus Creche Nursery:  Using ICTs to create a family/whānau template for portfolios and a photo board for children and parents, to increase the sharing of information about developmental milestones and interests.

Grasslands Kindergarten:  The discovery of an ICT tool - individual blog (e-portfolio) – that was efficient, effective and user friendly in order to engage parents, extended whānau and the wider community in children’s learning and development, strengthening collaborative partnerships.

Peachgrove Kindergarten:  Implementing ICT (the Internet) as a natural part of the learning programme to improve learning outcomes for children (supported by teachers), and as a tool for research and discovery.

Campus Creche Toddlers:  Providing children the opportunity to explore and try new things using ICT (digital microscope), developing their confidence and capabilities through a focus on the natural environment and living things.

Campus Creche Preschool:  Developing staff skills and confidence using ICTs, particularly digital cameras and microscope, to support their philosophy of an emergent curriculum, which enables children to be autonomous and self-assured learners.

Te Rau Oriwa Early Learning Centre:  Researched and accessed age appropriate ICT resources that would benefit tamariki, kaiako and whānau through the medium of te reo Māori.

Rotorua Girls’ High School Childcare Trust:  E-portfolio blogs were created to record children’s learning and development, and to enhance reciprocal relationships and communication between centre families/whānau, children, and teachers.