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Annie Agnew - Learning From Our Children

Annie discusses how when we give children ample opportunties to truely explore and direct their own activities they often show us innovative ways of achieving their goals. Her message is that good teachers give children space and time to create and good teachers value learning from children.


  • Tara Fagan

    HI Ann, thanks for sharing this Edtalk.  I agree - the tech/tool we use isn't what is important, it is about what we do with it.  Annie's example of her grandchild writing a story really showed the flexibility of learning through a child's exploration, weaving a number of tools to support the creation of her story.  

  • helen.cartwright

    Great ideas and comments - I thought how true this was of learning stories too - there is no one way you take a little bit from here and there and find a style that you are comfortable with and most of all you take a step back and listen to children.