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Bugs, beetles and the relationship with ICT. A unique way to learn about nature, science with ICT.

Just came across this little gem.  I am a bug hunter, observer from way back (last century in fact).  I can see how this app could be introduced and used to get children out of their classrooms and into the wonder of nature.  My Dad has a significant ethos which has influenced my life.  "You learn all you need to know through nature".  Why don't each of you reading this put the ethos into action.  Have a look - give it ago and let me know what you have found out...

Start your own Bug Inventory today!


  • Justine Mason

    Hey there Donna, indeed a gem...... I had a play and flollowed this link  and found even more amazing stuff!

    There is a place that records observations of NZ species, you can click on the maps and see what has been spotted in your community and add your own. You can also learn about NZ species here. There are wonderful images you can click on to learn more. What a great tool for children to use to make connections with what they observe in their environments. Thanks for sharing Donna! Cool

  • Justine Mason

    Opps I didnt mean that what I found was even more amazing than what you found, just that there is even more............LOL, amazing how the written word can look different to what you were meaning to say Laughing

  • Glenda Albon

    Hi Donna and Justine

    This link is truely amazing. I had to choose the largest size photo to see the camouflagued caterpillar.