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  • Tara Fagan

    Hi Mirtha, hmm somethign must have happened as the emails were sent. Maybe a gremlin in the system? You managed to get in for the last session of the day?

  • Mirtha

    thanks Tara for the update. I have checked my emails and only found emails from blog posts of other members. Amanda Anthony from Globalkids have registered and likewise she hasn't received any confirmation....
    I hope you can help us
    kind regards

  • Tara Fagan

    Email was sent to the global kids email. I will resend it now

  • Tara Fagan

    Hi Mirtha, Yes, you are attending and should have received an email with the link to the workshop.

  • Tara Fagan

    Tena Koe Mirtha, it is great to have you as part of our ECEONLINE community. Please feel free to ask questions, and to contribute as you explore the site.
    To help you get familiar with the site, a good place to start is by searching for resources. You can do this by selecting MORE, RESOURCES from the top menu bar and type in your search term.
    You might also find the information in this group useful as you navigate your way around:

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