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Social Competence Workshop 27 March 2012

Thanks to everyone who attended tonights workshop on Social Competence.  

During the workshop, I mentioned that supporting resources were available on this site.  I have included some links below but there will be many more.  

The Teachers Role in supporting young children's social competence

Having Friends, Making Friends and Keeping Friends

Understanding and Facilitating Preschool children's Peer Acceptance

The nature of young children's social interactions in a mixed-age setting

Assessing young children's social competence

ERO National Report on Positive Foundations for learning:  Confident and competent children in ECE

Gluckman Report


Searching for resources:

You can search for more by serching for resources ->  From the top left hand menu bar, Select TOOLS, then RESOURCES, type your search term into the box i.e.:  Friendship.

You can also upload resources in the same way by selecting TOOLS, RESOURCES and the upload resource from the grey left hand side menu bar.  We look forward to seeing what you have to share.


Ongoing discussions is one of the great aspects of this community - teacher sharing ideas.  Please add to ongoing discussions as everyone's contributions are valueable.  You can add to discussions by selecting reply under the discussion post you want to respond to.

Also, please feel free to start a discussion.  From the left handside grey Menu bar, Select GROUP DISCUSSION, then ADD A TOPIC.  It would be great to have new topics added.