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Emotional Regulation Workshop

Thanks to everyone who attended the Emotional Regulation workshop tonight.  There was lots of content so I am using this page to put up some of the quotes that we used, as well as links to the readings.  


“...the best predictors of how a person would do during adolescence and adulthood were how well they developed “emotional regulation and self-control” during early childhood”

Prof Harlene Hayne, Otago University, The Star, June 2, 2011


“Social skills and emotional intelligence are crucial to all children’s readiness to learn”  

Mitchell and Glossop (2005)

“Early childhood teachers should not approach boys from a deficit model.  The energy boys bring to the classroom should be viewed as an asset.  If we have a mindset that boys will be difficult then more often than not, they will be.  Children will live up to the labels we bestow on them”. 

Merle Froschl and Barbara Sprung, 2008

Research has shown that aggressive and impulsive children receive more critical feedback, negative commands and less praise than other children - even when they are behaving appropriately”.

 Carolyn Webster-Stratton, 1999. 



Emotional Regulation:  

Developing young children's self-regulation through everyday experiences:  Florez

Helping children learn to regulate their emotions:  Carolyn Webster-Stratton

Developing Self Regulation:  Bodrova & Leong

Improving the transition: Reducing social and psychological morbidity during adolescence

You will be able to find more readings and resources but searching under Tools & Resources on the menu bar at the top of the screen.