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Dunedin Infant and Toddler Network

Dunedin Infant and Toddler Network

Owner: Glenda Albon

Group members: 3



Dunedin Infant and Toddler Network




What are your suggestions for the content of these network hui?

  • Feedback on professional development and sharing of knowledge
  • Using it as a professional development opportunity on its own, with guest speakers
  • Sharing resources and ideas e.g; Learning stories, activities etc
  • Understanding different pedagogies around Infant and Toddler Learning; e.g; Pasifika pedagogy)
  • Guest speaker e.g; Brainwave Trust
  • Share relevant readings research articles etc


Share with us your ideas and expectations for this network?

  • Sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other
  • Guest speaker please – RIE philosophy
  • Different areas of expertise
  • Would like to have more knowledge on brain development/infant and toddler cognition and the consequences of “not getting it right” (so we can get it right)
  • Up to date and recent research and articles surrounding infant and toddler education
  • A community of Learners – All sectors of ECE working together
  • A sharing of knowledge skills and ideas
  • Open
  • Would love to see different environments and setups and the rationale behind them
  • Different ways to extend and build on learning dispositions in Under 2’s and ways to weave it into everyday planning


Share your ideas about the way this network could operate?

  • Visit different centres and discuss with staff
  • Guest speakers from a variety of agencies
  • Meet termly
  • Set up a group email list
  • Try and gain family involvement / invites – would be great to hear about their strengths and challenges when deciding/working with infants and toddlers