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Last updated by Tara Fagan

Moving into a new environment is a time of change and adaptation for children, their families/whānau and teachers.

This time of change involves forming new relationships, roles, and responsibilities, and spans the time between preparing for the move to a new environment, to when the child and family/whānau are fully established members of the new community.

We understand transitions to be all activities and experiences associated with moving in, between, and out of early childhood settings.

Content to strengthen leadership in this focus area will include:

  • developing understandings of the changes children and families/whānau negotiate during transitions
  • critical reflection on current research and online resources; for example, MoE ECE Educate website
  • strategies for strengthening communication and relationships with adults within settings in which children transition to; for example, over-two staff, different early childhood settings, new entrant teachers
  • developing transition resources, practices and procedures in settings for diverse communities
  • developing knowledge of connections between Te Whāriki and the New Zealand Curriculum and practices that flow from this
  • learning about programmes in other environments in order to explore the concept of curriculum continuity
  • developing knowledge of influential policy documents such as the Literacy Learning Progressions, National Standards, and implications for practice.