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Written by Tara Fagan, CORE Education, June 2010

 When considering ways in which ICT can help the setting achieve its goals, you might like to consider resources that are available on the Internet – Web 2.0 technologies has seen a huge growth in free or low-cost software, making it easier for settings to access good quality programmes.  

Thought needs to be given to how staff will learn to use the resources – is it possible to allocate some non-contact time as staff explore these programmes?

Below are two possible sites that might be useful.  

TKI – Software for Learning

Software for Learning informs and supports teachers to select and integrate software, listing quality software recommended by New Zealand teachers for use in schools and early childhood programmes. 

CORE Ed – ECE stories of practice

Examples of how software is used in ECE teaching and learning.


This work was developed with funding by the Ministry of Education