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Gathering Information

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Last updated by Tara Fagan

Written by Tara Fagan, CORE Education, June 2010

Gathering audit information


‘The first purpose of a review is improvement: it enables us to improve our practice.  We ensure that our practice supports children’s learning in the best possible ways.’

(Ngā arohaehae whai hua, p. 9)


It is important when conducting self-review that it’s a team process – everyone’s views and contributions strengthen the self-review for the best outcome.

 As a team, think about the setting as it is now. How is ICT currently being used?  

 Some possible guiding questions are:

 Where are we now:

  • What are we proud of?
  • What do we want to do better?
  • What is happening for children?
  • What are we enjoying?

 Where would we like to be:

  • If you had a magic wand and could wish for anything, what would you make happen? 


During daily practice, note who is using what equipment, and in what ways. Write down these observations. What other data could you collect to help your self-review of how you use ICT for teaching and learning?

Remember to survey your families to find out their perspectives. The ICT team from Johnsonville Playcentre found SurveyMonkey a very useful online survey tool as they gathered information from the parent community, finding out what was working, and what could be improved. 


This work was developed with funding by the Ministry of Education


Ministry of Education (2006). Ngaa arohaehae whai hua: Self-review guidelines for early childhood education. Wellington: Learning Media