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Focus and preparation for ICT audit

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Last updated by Tara Fagan

Written by Tara Fagan, CORE Education, June 2010

When undertaking self-review of how ICT is being used in teaching and learning programmes, an early step in the preparation is to consider the ICTs currently owned. Writing down this information will also help you to reflect upon your current teaching practices using ICT.

Think about the hardware (physical equipment) and software (computer programmes) that the setting uses, including any online software. Think about how this software is used, and who uses it.

This is a good time to develop or update a list for security purposes, if you haven’t already. Ideally this list should be kept offsite, with other important documents, in case of a fire, burglary or other disaster. Include information such as:

  • the brands
  • serial numbers
  • purchase date
  • software - including that purchased online, noting license number
  • print receipts.

This work was developed with funding by the Ministry of Education