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Purchasing Ipad

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Started by Ashleigh McPherson 28 Sep 2012 1:11pm () Replies (7)

Kia Ora koutou,

We are currently looking at purchasing 2 ipads for our Kindergarten and was wanting to get our opinions on what size we would need to purchase to best support an all round usage.

We look forard to your replys.


  • Tania (View all users posts) 28 Sep 2012 1:19pm ()

    Kia Ora Ashleigh,

    By size I take it you mean GB - I would def aim to buy bigger than 16GB - I have the 16GB and it has filled up very quickly.  Especially in ECE if we are wanting lots of digital books.  I guess it all really depends on your budget - if the sky is the limit I would go for the 64GB to future proof or if budget needs to be taken into consideration 32GB.  Let me know if this is the information you need.Laughing


  • Ashleigh McPherson (View all users posts) 28 Sep 2012 1:41pm ()

    Thanks Tania i do mea GB.

    Am i right in saying that to free up storage we could hold apps in the Icloud and access them as we need them if we wanted to free up some storage space?

  • Tania (View all users posts) 28 Sep 2012 1:53pm ()

    Yes indeed but it's great to have the apps you use on a regular basis at your fingertips so to speak.  To 'download' again you would need to have a wireless internet connection.  Have you got a starting list of apps to try?

  • Beverly (View all users posts) 30 Sep 2012 6:26am ()

    Manaia Kindergarten is looking to purchase another couple of ipads. The ipad 2 is obviously considerably cheaper than ipad 3, and has been adequate for kindergarten thus far. I would like some info from people who have ipad3 - apart from the graphics, is it worth the extra cost?  I'm not good at buying old technology - but I personally haven't been impressed enough with the difference between the 2 and 3 to warrent the higher price. Any advice anyone?

  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 30 Sep 2012 7:46am ()

    Hi Beverly

    While I like the new iPad, I am not sure that the features will be well used in early childhood.  I am keen though to know what others think.  

    I wonder that if it is worth holding off making any purchases until later in the year. Speculation is that there will be a release of an iPad mini (about 7") released in Oct/Nov.  If the rumors are to be believed, this small iPad will have most of the features of the iPad at half the price.   

  • Beverly (View all users posts) 30 Sep 2012 10:44am ()

    Hi Rara - Thanx. Yes had heard abt the smaller release but thought that was going to b September...? I was leaving my own personal purchase til the iPad4 release in march ( though that's proving difficult to wait for too). Ar Manaia however we r feeling a bit impatient about getting another one which would b used differently to the one we have at present. 

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