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How to post a question or respond to a discussion topic.

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Started by Tara Fagan 16 Jul 2012 10:29am () Replies (1)

Feel free to post your questions or start a discussion using our discussion forum.   And of course, you are also welcome to respond to any discussion posts.  

Accessing discussion topics

You can access the latest discussion posts through the 'latest discussion' widgets on the home page,Pedagogical leadership and Infant and Toddlers main group pages.

You can also access discussions grouped by communitiy, in either pedagogical leadership or Infants and toddlers. This is called 'group discussion' and can be found in the left-hand navigation of each main group/community page:


Creating a discussion


 Responding to a discussion

To respond to a discussion, you will need to join the group that it belongs to - either Infants and Toddlers or Pedagogical Leadership.  You will only need to do this one time.




You can upload files, including photo and videos, to discussions.  Please make sure that you have permission before uploading.

Join this group to contribute to discussions.