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Started by helen.cartwright 23 Feb 2015 6:53am () Replies (6)

Hi everyone - here is a space for you to ask questions, post readings or resources and talk with one another about leadership.  This discussion page is part of the online leadership cluster.  

Our first workshop was around Strategic Planning.  As a follow up to that workshop,  What is your greatest challenge around annual and strategic planning? 


  • Belinda Williams (View all users posts) 09 Apr 2015 9:29am ()

    would like to get my hands on this book Viv Shearsby, thank you for sharing this link.



  • Viv Shearsby (View all users posts) 25 Mar 2015 12:12pm ()

    Kia ora everyone. I have been doing quite a bit of reading recently about establishing communities of practice, leading, facilitating and engaging teachers in an ongoing culture of professional discussion. I wonder whether putting efforts toward extending and consolidating insight into communities of practice might be a great place to begin when aiming for greater involvement in strategic development. Creating regular platforms for reflection, professional dialogue and pedagogical consideration can really empower teachers to gain confidence in sharing their insights and participating in review. I have popped in a link to Reflecting in Communities for Practice . This is just a PDF overview that introduces key ideas from 

    Curtis, D. Lebo, D. Cividanes, W. & Carter, M. (2013) Reflecting in Communities of Practice. Redleaf Press.

    You might find this and interesting book to have a look at and I'd be so keen to hear your thoughts on this approach to your dilemma. Good Luck. 

  • Sandra Rasmussen (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2015 6:32pm ()

    Anna it certainly does make the understanding and implementation of the strategic plan work better if as you say everyone has a buy in in terms of the discussions and planning.  I do like Helens idea of the Google Doc and gathering of those individual thoughts.  One other idea I had was a drop box in the staff room which any idea no matter how random could be put into it.  I could lead to further discussions once it has been looked through.  I too am keen to see some other ideas!


  • helen.cartwright (View all users posts) 09 Mar 2015 10:42am ()

    Hi Anna, thanks for your comment - taking time to get everyone involved in the creation of the strategic plan is one way to achieve that ownership.  Using Google Doc is a great idea to have one place where everyone can add their ideas and see the draft take shape and in action.  Some other teachers out there might have some other ideas on how they involve their learning communities in the development of strategic plans

  • Anna Stewart (View all users posts) 25 Feb 2015 9:28am ()

    HI I see the greatest challenges in strategic planning around communication,  inspiring collegial discussions than then flow onto committed and motivated teams who will drive the success of the strategic plan,  not Senior staff making discussions & it then kind of happening.  I guess part of that it ensuring what is identified in the plan is the areas or greatest need.

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