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Discussion to select an appropriate icon and image that represents your Dunedin Infant and Toddler Network community.

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Started by Glenda Albon 16 Nov 2014 4:21pm () Replies (1)


We invite you to contribute your thoughts and comments in relation to an appropriate icon image and concept that represents your Dunedin community. This is your group and you know what is significant to your community. 

In Christchurch the Network group uses the image of a Cabbage Tree with the following description:


Te Kōuka, the cabbage tree, is historically, a significant tree for Canterbury. Local Maori valued its presence as a land mark to identify routes across the vast Canterbury Plains. The new shoots provided protein to sustain the people as kumara were near impossible to grow. The growth pattern of Te Kōuka reflects the concept of connectedness.


This group has been established to provide an opportunity for infant and toddler teachers to;

Network with other infant and toddler teachers within the community.

Develop shared understandings about infant pedagogy and practice.

Share teaching experiences and insights

Join this group to contribute to discussions.