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Implementing new leadership model

Started by Raylene 19 Jul 2014 7:33am () Replies (13)

Our centre is in the midst of changing our current leadership model to a distrubted leadership model with three leaders sharing the workload. I will be the Pedagogical Leader and will be charged with the aligning of philosophy, self-review, teaching practice, curriculum design,  priorities for children's learning and assessment.  I want to adopt the mantra 'work smarter not harder' for our team and not to do things a certain way just because we always have. The dynamics of change can be difficult for some so I am mindful to involve and engage with the team as this is our new learning journey together. Any advice/feedback/ tools on where to start and how you would progress things would be awesome!!  


  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2014 9:28am ()

    Kia Ora Raylene

    How interesting and forward thinking of your centre.  This sounds like a fantastic way to make a difference not only for the children but for the teachers.  The way you are involving your team and ensuring they are part of the process shows that you have thought carefully about this change of leadership model and are starting off well.  I am sure all of us within the ECEOnline would love to hear how this goes as you progress so I hope you keep us updated Smile

    In the meantime, I see you are asking for advice/feedback and tools etc. For me, it is about collaborating with the whole team, which you are doing.  I believe that trust, conversations and utilising the different strengths that each of the team bring are important as you work together to make change.

    I have added a few of my favourite leadership resources below.  I look forward to seeing what others share too.

     Leadership articles written by Ann Hatherly for ECEONLINE.

    COI Massey Childcare Centre:  Ako Ngatahi - Teacher and Learning Together as One:  From Leadership to Enquiry Teachers' work in an Infants' and Toddlers' Centre.

    Hurae White: distributed leadership and manaakitanga:  Video and resources from Educational Leaders (NZ)

    Simon Sinek TED talk about Why good leaders make you feel safe:



    Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader

  • Ann Hatherly (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2014 6:40pm ()

    Hi Raylene 

    My advice is seek out and get involved in leadership networks within you local community or professional networks of any sort for that matter. I don't believe these necessarily have to be ECE leadership networks either. Sometimes going beyond ECE is more beneficial because it gives you a fresh perspective on what is possible.  Within ECE, joining organisations like OMEP is likely to have positive spin-offs. Anything that gets you connected with other professionals has to be good.

    Not sure where you live but there is a leadership organisation called NZEALS which serves leaders from ECE through to tertiary and operates branches in many regions. Over the years I have found it invaluable for the connections I have made and the speakers I have heard. 

  • Trish Robbins (View all users posts) 21 Jul 2014 6:39am ()

    Hi Raylene,

    Ann and Tara have given you some great ideas and resources to follow up on. I would just like to add that the ministry site has information as well and don't forget to look at the principals sites as they have a lot of great readings and ideas on leadership. Look forward to hearing about your journeyLaughing

  • Raylene (View all users posts) 21 Jul 2014 4:10pm ()

    Thanks everyone, I will follow up on all the inspirational materials suggested. I am half way through reading the research study by Te Tari Puna Ora "Developing Pedagogical Leadership in Early Childhood Education".  Its aim is for  pedagogical leaders to view their centre as a system rather than a group of individuals, placing a focus on  'system thinking'  rather than the individuals within it. I am still digesting it!  I'll update you all on our journey as we progress - Kia ora everyone for taking time to respond, its much appreciated Smile

  • Tania (View all users posts) 23 Jul 2014 1:04pm ()

    Kia Ora Raylene,

    Great to see you have provoked such great discussion and have some inspirational reading and links to follow. Thinking about specific tools for the 'work smarter, not harder' mantra,  I woud like to suggest exploring Google Docs as a tool for sharing information amongst your leadership team and teaching team.  What I like about Google Docs is that it is able to be accessed anytime, anywhere and can be edited by more than one person at the same time, automatically saving any changes.  You can share who you share your documents with.  You may already be using Google Docs but if you are not and would like to explore further, please feel free to send me an email and I would be happy to support you.


  • Sandra Rasmussen (View all users posts) 24 Jul 2014 4:34pm ()

    Kia Ora Raylene

    It is always great to hear when leaders are sharing their roles and the benefit for you and your team will be many.  One aspect I believe is an important outcome is that knowledge is shared.  This in turn develops the other team members for their future endeavours or to further support the centre in the future.  Great to hear and I look forward to following your progress!

  • Trish Robbins (View all users posts) 25 Jul 2014 6:44am ()

    This is a webiste that supports the recent series of workshops put on by MOE throughout the country. There are some links to leadership articles and I believe soon a video and resources that were shared at the workshop for centres to use with their teams. 

  • Raylene (View all users posts) 25 Jul 2014 3:24pm ()

    This has given so so much food for thought, I am spoiled for tools and resources now-I must add that it is always very humbling when people take their time out of their busy days to help others. I will be using Anne Hatherly's reflective questions to provoke a starting point, apparently I added too many things on the team meeting agenda and was gently reminded small steps. It's all because you have been so responsive I have creative material for years now! Thanks Tania for the offer for setting up Google Docs, I have an g-mail account and will sort out a mutually suitable time to take you up on your generous offer to talk me through the set up. Have a great weekend all. 

  • Kate McKenzie (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 7:54am ()

    Kia ora Raylene

    I too am often in a rush to implement change because I am so excited by the possibilities! I have recently been reminded that it is about the process, not the product. Easy to remember for our tamariki, not so easy to remember for ourselves. Laughing

  • Heather TeHuia (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 8:42am ()

    we run a distributive leardership model where every staff member has a leadership role. This way each staff member has a certain level of responsibility and it brings together a community of leaders and learners.

  • Carol Moffat (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 9:28am ()

    Kia ora Raylene I have to agree with all the fantastic ideas and tools that have already been shared, and I would add to that 'good things take time' to develop,and sometimes it may seem like little steps that don't  mean much, but when you look back in a years time you will see the shift. Just remember to record it somewhere (with datesSurprised).

    Also sometimes you have to plant the seed of an idea and let it grow, not everyone can react sponteanously, and in fact sometimes it can overwhelm

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