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Implementing an effective ICT programme with infants and toddlers

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Started by Chelsey 03 Jul 2014 6:59pm () Replies (11)

Kia ora koutou, my centre is currently undertaking a self review around our ICT (information, communication technology) programme, and we are looking at different ways to implement ICT within our programme. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, strategies or effective ways of implementing ICT with infants and toddlers?  we are a mixed aged centre, and would love to hear anyone's ideas, thoughts on implementing ICT with infants and toddlers especially, as I am one of the infant and toddler teachers at our mixed aged centre.

thank you,

Chelsey :)


  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2014 10:07am ()

    Hi Chelsey

    Great question!  Thanks for posting it.  I know there is heaps of expertise our their in our ECEONLINE community and so will be following along with your discussion thread to see what ideas people share.

    Thanks, Tara

  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 09 Jul 2014 8:06am ()

    HI again Chelsey

    While we are waiting for some more responses, I thought I would share some of my thinking around using ICT with Infants and Toddlers and share some links as well.

    I often am asked what is the right age to start using ICT.    I believe that the question should start by defining the purpose - what is it that you are hoping to achieve by using ICT.  I have seen some really good use of ICT with infants and toddlers.  An example of this is the former Aubert Centre in Wellington that were involved with a social competence leadership project.  They used cameras to take photos of the children, they labelled the emotions and then printed books of these.  The books became some of the children's favourites because they were filled with their friends.  ICTs also afford the opportunities to collaborate and communicate in new ways - something that can really support young children's learning.

    I am keen for others to join in and share their ideas as well.  In the meantime, here are some useful links etc:

    This video, on Children's Wisdom, while a few years old now provides some useful thought:


    EdTalk:  Why ICT in ECE:

    EdTalk:  Authentic apps in ECE:

    EdTalk:  Using ICT to document learning:

    EdTalk:  ECE and ICT:

    Closeup - iPads in EarlyChildhood:

    Preschools and iPads blog post:

    ECEONLINE video:  Using iPads in ECE: 

    to iPad or not to iPad:

    Learning, teaching and ICT an early childhood perspective:

    Fostering motivation for literacy in early childhood using iPads:

    Unesco - recognising the potential of ICT in ECE report:

    ECE ICT PL research:

     Foundations for Discovery (2005):

  • Kate McKenzie (View all users posts) 09 Jul 2014 8:58am ()

    Hi Chelsey

    I agree with Tara that you first need to define the purpose of using ICT with children. As the Centre Manager of a mixed age group service we encourage our teachers to view our children as individuals rather than as infants, toddlers, 4 year olds etc. In this way we are better able to provide for each child's needs based on their developmental level and not their age.

    Some of the ways in which we implement ICT is by providing props such as computer keyboards, phones (mobile and landline), remote controls, cameras etc that children are able to play with. It is very simple, yet very effective. We also have a centre laptop that is used with the children to search for information on the web and our Facebook page provides a link to the home environment through the use of ICT. These experiences are available for all our children regardless of age.

    Good luck with your review!



  • Heather TeHuia (View all users posts) 10 Jul 2014 3:18pm ()

    we use ICT exstensivly with our children, digital camera, computers and Ipads with wifii connection, B Bots (computerised robots) taliking pens (like microphones that play back what the children say) digital photo albums and other things. I first of all did a paper on E learning at a post Grad level and learned about risks and benifits. The children use ICT as part of the program and the tools available for learning in an already rich environment. ICT is the future and it is imerative that we while offering programs that equip and stimulate learning and development in socio-cultural environments provide all equipment that can help. Children dont sit at computers for long periods of time they dont want to. they are used to the tools and use them along side other pieces of equipment. I could go on but if you want to know more ley me know. Our children are mostly under two and we like Kate do not believe in grouping children according to age our children atr planned for according to their levels of development and along side peers and qualified teachers.

  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 11 Jul 2014 8:31am ()

    Thanks Heather and Kate for your responses. Some interesting examples of using ICTs with infants and toddlers.  It is fantastic to see the planning for where children are at and their interests Smile  I am sure this wil be really useful for Chelsey and the others reading this discussion.

    Let's keep the ideas coming

  • Chelsey (View all users posts) 11 Jul 2014 5:04pm ()

    wow such a wealth of information and so many interesitng resources to research, thanks so much everyone for your fantastic ideas, I will definelty be researching more into these and sharing them with my team :)

  • Chelsey (View all users posts) 14 Jul 2014 9:46pm ()

    I was also wondering if anyone knows of some good professional development courses around ICT? I am from Dunedin, so not a lot of all the fantastic courses that are offered up North, are always offered down here. Thank you :)

  • helen.cartwright (View all users posts) 15 Jul 2014 4:51am ()

    Hi Chelsey, you just missed a wonderful Learning @ Schools Early Years strand ICT Course that was held in Dunedin by CORE in May!  I am the CORE facilitator based in Dunedin and I am happy to talk about ICT Professional learning with you. We can arrange someting for yourself but better yet for your centre.  You can email me on, we can also may sure your centre is also on our mailing list.  


  • Chelsey (View all users posts) 15 Jul 2014 8:42pm ()

    Kia ora thanks for that Helen, I will definetely email you about working with our centre on our ICT programme that will be fantastic. :)

  • Ann Hatherly (View all users posts) 18 Jul 2014 11:24am ()

    Hi Chelsey I recently attended a webinar by Nicola Yelland at which your question was asked by the one of the attendees. Her answer was that however we use digital technologies with infants and toddlers it must always be in a way that supports human interaction and attachment. She also made the point that in this respect digital technologies are no different from books, sand play, care rountines or any other experiences we provide. A good answer I thought.

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