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Samsung tab 2 vs iPad 4 round 1

Started by Jenny Eruera 20 Apr 2013 5:25am () Replies (4)

I've got both a iPad 4 and a galaxy tab2 to trial for a week and decide which one to get for work. I do like the tab,the fact that we can share documents easily with others and pc's, edit in Dropbox, print to our printers........... Because as a coordinator in home based we are probably doing more adult 'teaching' and report writing than a typical EEC teacher.
BUT! .............I've just scrolled a page on it and 
The iPad is like rolling sheets of silk on a million ball bearings -poetry in motion, compared to the tab which was like stiff card board being pulled on a conveyer belt powered by two monkeys scwabling over who can hold onto the handles at the front! 
I think the tab will go back early this morning, I actually got motion sickness as sore eyes with it. I will work around the iPad if they don't have further suggestions. I have already returned a Samsung Ativ (or something) the new and great windows eight, Microsoft piece of rubbish!


  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 21 Apr 2013 1:06pm ()

    Hi Jenny

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.  How lucky are you to get to test out these devices!   And I love the descriptions you have used  ... I think I will always think of the iPad as silk now as I am scrolling through it Smile

    File sharing does require a few extra steps with the iPad although I use Dropbox and am just testing out WiFileTrans (an app that shares files with other iDevices over a wi-fi network and so far it works well).  I also print directly from my iPad using the Printer Pro App, which works well and it was great to test it out with the lite version to make sure I could print before buying the full version.

    I am keen to know more about how you are using the devices in your setting - are you taking photos as well as writing the reports when you visit the home-based educators?  Are you using them with children on these visits?  

  • Jenny Eruera (View all users posts) 22 Apr 2013 5:24am ()

    On our visits we write two types of reports, we use photos in both of them. In the educator report we are writing about any discussion we have usually around children's learning and development, safety checks to ensure they are meeting the regulations, their own learning -either through the open polytechnic certificate that we encourage or through our own internal professional development that we provide. We are thereto guide and support them as they write learning stories for the children in care. This report is emailed to them and to the office to be filed. For the children's snapshot (recently had a name change as we didn't believe it could be a true quality learning story, we use pic collage to take a photo and write a little story or letter to the child about what they were doing or what we talked about while we were there. I try to get the children involved by choosing background designs, font, photos to be used Etc....these are then emailed to the parents, the educator and the office to file and print. Once they are printed we take them back for the children to add to their portfolios which they love.

  • Jenny Eruera (View all users posts) 22 Apr 2013 5:37am ()

    Thanks Tara for the suggested apps. I will give them a go. 

    We are having interesting discussions around the purpose of the iPad, how and what the children can use it for, if anything.

    There will be some interesting times ahead as we move through these early years of digital pioneering.

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