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Digital Storytelling in early childhood education

Started by Tara Fagan 26 Mar 2013 9:09am () Replies (4)

Thanks to all those who attended our evening webinar on Digital Storytelling using the iPad Smile.  Here are the links that we shared and some additional resources that might be helpful as you create digital stories.  

I thought this would be a great place for us to ask questions of each other and to  share our digital story telling experiences.  So please feel free to contribute your ideas, stories and favourite ways to create digital stories.

Workshop links:


Digital Storytelling Webinar Notes


Links to Digital Stories Shown

Reomations – TKI

Camp Reflection – Room 13 Point England School

Little Lamb Lost – Software for Learning

I’m the King of the Mountain

5 Frame Photography – Flikr

Little Red Riding Hood – Summerland Primary School

My Hot Rod – Botany Downs Kindergarten

Patients Voice

Swim Fishy Swim


Digital Storytelling Websites worth checking out:

Centre for Digital  Storytelling

Digital Storytelling – Helen Barrett

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling – Imagine, Create, Share

Pasifika Digital Stories

MOE Digital Storytelling

Improving oral language and writing with Photostory


Downloads – Web 2.0 Tools

PhotoStory 3 for PC



Comic Life



iPad Apps for Digital Storytelling

My Story

Pic Collage

Puppet Pal

Comic Life App

iMovie App

Strip Design



Digital Storytelling for team building – Naketa Ikihele

Developing oral language in the early Years – An Edtalk with Jane Carroll

Authentic apps in early years – Beverly Kaye

Why ICT in ECE – Tara Fagan

ECE and ICT – Tania Coutts



  • Tracey Mackay (View all users posts) 29 Mar 2013 3:02pm ()

    Thanks for the workshop on Monday night - it has given me food for thought around adapting the examples you have shared for use with infants and toddlers. The infants and toddlers I work with have actually been teaching me quite alot - like it is OK to touch a touchscreen (yes a 'duh' moment). It is wonderful you have shared with us the 6 elements of Digital Story telling and all the links - I think they are important to help newbies like myself to tell more authentic digital stories.

    The storytelling part reminded me of work by Ethan Watters on Urban Tribes. He writes about the importance of stories in our (adult) lives and how shared social narratives influence our conceptions of our lives and happiness - we identify with our own stories and the stories of others. He also says to live life without a story is to live without a sense of coherence and momentum - not to have a narrative of your own is to become susceptable to those imposed upon you by the forces (or teachers) around you. I think as we proceed down this amazing and wonderful digital path, the narrative or story we are telling seems to become more important espcially for our youngest children. 

    I do remember one of my lecturers drumming into me about children watching TV and being passive recipients of other peoples ideas rather than generating their own ideas - because New Zealand society needs new ideas! Time to get our children generating their own ideas through the stories we tell with them

  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 02 Apr 2013 5:52am ()

    Hi Tracey

    Thanks for your comments, so pleased you enjoyed the workshop. I love the piece you have shared from Ethan Watters on the importance of story and how living life without a story is to live without coherence and momentum and I can see I will be adding Urban Tribes to my reading list.

    How wonderful that you are enabling the children you work with to tell their stories.  I would be keen to know how these progress and parents and whanau responses to them.

  • Lauren Sutcliffe (View all users posts) 09 Apr 2013 1:57pm ()

    After the workshop I looked at the ipads at my daughters school she is in the new entrant classroom and saw that they had the My Story app.

    This is my first attempt with ipads and together with a couple of children we explored the options on this application.  I have started working with a couple of children at a time.  We had a great time exploring together and the two children worked alongside each other sharing what they had quickly learnt that this application could do.  I have since worked with six more children first planning the story and then creating it.

    The children enjoyed that they could record their own voice of the story on each page and can easily rerecord their voice.  

    The programme has uses a keyboard that pops up, the children have found it a little challenging to find the letters that they want to type.  

    Are there other programmes that would be easier for the younger children to type with?

    We are looking into ways to share these stories and can now email them but does anyone know other ways that these stories can be shared?

    It has been great hearing the children's comments as they share them with each other and their parents.

    "This is the longest story I have written"

    Looking forward to any comments thanks



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