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Trish Robbins's discussion posts

  • Trish Robbins 20 Feb 2015 7:16am () in Four Year Old Programmes

    Hi Ashleigh thank you for your wonderful sharing. I was wondering what you call this group now that it is open up to all ages? Also how do you decide/plan on a topic of interest? Do you use children's individual observations and plan around their interests for this group? 

    I look forward to further discussions/pondering on this:)



  • Trish Robbins 16 Feb 2015 11:36am () in Four Year Old Programmes

    One of our centres in my ece cluster is reviewing their four year old programme, They would like to know if centres do you have a four year old programme and if so why or if not why not?

    Any good readings or links relating to this topic, pros & cons would be appreciated. I am looking forward to this discussion and It would be great to have thoughts from a variety of early childhood settings on this topic. 

  • Trish Robbins 25 Jul 2014 6:44am () in Implementing new leadership model

    This is a webiste that supports the recent series of workshops put on by MOE throughout the country. There are some links to leadership articles and I believe soon a video and resources that were shared at the workshop for centres to use with their teams. 

  • Trish Robbins 25 Jul 2014 6:37am () in Respecting toddlers need for comforter items

    Hi Lynda,

    A very interesting topic to be discussing and one I can relate to in a previous experience. We had a similar situation and as a team we discussed this to great length. In the end we went back to our philosophy statement which stated that individual children's interests, needs would be met. We were also a centre that wanted to be a home away from home type of setting! We spoke with the child's parents and it was decided to allow this child to have his teddy when he requested it and then we encouraged him to put it in a special spot when he was ready. This worked for us as a team and over time the child wanted wanted his teddy decreased

  • Trish Robbins 21 Jul 2014 6:39am () in Implementing new leadership model

    Hi Raylene,

    Ann and Tara have given you some great ideas and resources to follow up on. I would just like to add that the ministry site has information as well and don't forget to look at the principals sites as they have a lot of great readings and ideas on leadership. Look forward to hearing about your journeyLaughing

  • Trish Robbins 01 Oct 2012 11:43am () in ePortfolios @ Pt England School

    Thank you for sharing this link Tania, it is always great to see eportfolios in action, to see the potential for sharing children's learning with others. It is also a great way for children to revisit their learnng and to see the progression that they have made over the year/years. It was interesting to see how worldwide this can go and the potential for feedback from a variety of sources.

  • Trish Robbins 25 May 2012 10:00am () in Alison Gopnik In Aotearoa New Zealand

    Unfortunately I was not able to attend any of Alison's Lectures but I have been following her in the media. I enjoyed listening to the Radio New Zealand interview and like many of you others found some of her research very interesting and very re-enforcing just how important the early years are. Some key aspects from the interview that I noted were - from a social competency perspective it s not so much about controlling one's behavior it is about sitting back, observing what is going on and helping children make sense of this. The other was the importance of getting the environment right, letting children explore, research and make sense of their world.

  • Trish Robbins 17 Apr 2012 9:47am () in Starting school - when and which?

    Hi everyone,

    I have really enjoyed reading everyones comments on Transition to School. It has made me reflect further on my own childrens transition experiencesFrown Both very different but both quite a challenging learning experience for us as a family. Both my girls had been in childcare with me from babies and were happy, social, confident children (we believed) . We were in a rural area and as a centre we had worked hard to develop great relationships with both schools that our children went onto. Like Lisa's Kindergartten we had regular parent evenings were the principals and new entrant teachers of both schools would attend and we would all have the opportunity to discuss preparing our children for school. We were lucky to be accross the road from one school as the older children would come over to practice reading out loud to small groups of children. We were always invited to both schools for regular events such as pet days, flower days etc. Once a term the new entrant class would come over for morning tea and a play. Both schools encouraged families to do 4 school visits before starting and we encouraged the children to take their profile books with them to share at news time (if they felt confident to do so), This would spark great converstions as most of their friends attended the same center and enjoyed revisiting the stories in the books. We believed we had ensured the transition for all children and their families would be successful. Unfortunately, things change as principals and teachers from all environments leave and relationship need to be continually worked on. 

    We did not feel pressured for our first child to start school when she turned 5. In fact we choose to go on a family holiday and start the school visits when we returned. Unfortunatey when she did start school we had under estimated the important fact that I had been in the same environment with her all her life and now in this new environment I was no longer there! This did take some adjusting, but she is a child that responds well to routines and structure and enjoyed the school environment.

    When it was time for my second child to start school I resigned from the centre a year before she started school to ensure she had some independence from me. Being a second child who was always at the school picking up her sister, new all the teachers and had wanted to go to school since she was 4 years old we thought her transition would be alot smoother.  Unfortunately, she struggled from going from a very play based environment where her love of music and drama was recognised and responded to, to a very structured new entrant class with a big focus on reading, writing and maths. Her love of learning soon vanished and she ended up with a very negative first year report. We were going to pull her out of school and home school her. Lucky for us her second year of school was with a mature first year teacher passionate about teaching and had a great love of the arts!! My child's love of learning returned and she has not looked back since Laughing.

    So sorry for the novel - as you can see your postings have sparked great reflection on my part. What I feel is important is that every transition experience will be different for every child. I wish we had thought more about matching my daughters interest with a school that valued her intersts as well or like others have have posted, leaving her in an environment where she was happy and enjoying herself until she was 6!

  • Trish Robbins 14 Feb 2012 1:56am () in Southland Cluster Leadership: Literacy and Mathematics 2012-2013

    Hi Helen,


    You have been extremely busy. Thank you for sharing these fantastic resourses with us all.



    Thanks Trish Robbins

  • Trish Robbins 10 Jan 2012 5:05am () in Leadership Qualities

    Leaders need to look at things through a variety of lenses. Sometimes knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. Leaders need to establish good group relationships as a key role is to draw out the best in others within your group.