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helen.cartwright's discussion posts

  • helen.cartwright 09 Mar 2015 10:42am () in Online Leadership Group

    Hi Anna, thanks for your comment - taking time to get everyone involved in the creation of the strategic plan is one way to achieve that ownership.  Using Google Doc is a great idea to have one place where everyone can add their ideas and see the draft take shape and in action.  Some other teachers out there might have some other ideas on how they involve their learning communities in the development of strategic plans

  • helen.cartwright 23 Feb 2015 6:53am () in Online Leadership Group

    Hi everyone - here is a space for you to ask questions, post readings or resources and talk with one another about leadership.  This discussion page is part of the online leadership cluster.  

    Our first workshop was around Strategic Planning.  As a follow up to that workshop,  What is your greatest challenge around annual and strategic planning? 

  • helen.cartwright 02 Feb 2015 5:03pm () in Online Leadership Workshops and Mentoring PL Opportunities Feb-June 2015

    HI Raylene if you download the flyer you will see that you can email me for the workshops and Sandy for the mentoring.  Will be great to hear from you and have just checked my emails and I see I already have heard from you.  Helen

  • helen.cartwright 02 Feb 2015 12:34pm () in Online Leadership Workshops and Mentoring PL Opportunities Feb-June 2015

    Professional Learning Workshops and Mentoring - Leadership

    There will be 3 online workshops and opportunities for professional mentoring online Feb-June 2015.  The first workshop is around Strategic Planning, the second on Pedagogical Leadership and the third on Culturally Responsive Leadership.  These workshops are free of charge and are open to centres in the Invercargill, South Dunedin, South Canterbury, North Canterbury, Marlborough and West Coast areas. 


  • helen.cartwright 31 Jul 2014 8:02am () in Mathematics in Early Childhood: New songs and stories

    Hi Debbie here you go.  To the tune of (My darling Clemintine)

    Porohita, porohita, porohita, 

    Karaka, kikorangi, kākāriki,

    Pango, mā me whero e

    (Tapatoru - Triangle, Tapawhā - Rectangle)

  • helen.cartwright 28 Jul 2014 10:25am () in Mathematics in Early Childhood: New songs and stories

    Kia ora, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei and Hello, 

    I have been working with groups of teachers focussing on mathematics we have been gathering together some new songs and stories that embed the domains of mathematics in the early years eg.  Locating, Patterning, Shape, Couting, Sorting, Measuring.  I am wondering if anyone has come across some new stories or songs in all languges they would like to share.  Here is mine:  (Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle little star)

    Watch the ducks and you will see

    They are waddling, one, two three.

    First the smallest leads the line, 

    Middle-sized duck thinks second place is fine,

    Biggest duck is third, you see, 

    They are waddling, one, two, three.

    Helen MacGregor - Tom Thumbs Musical Maths

  • helen.cartwright 16 Jul 2014 1:08pm () in Online Leadership Mentoring Opportunity

    As part of the Ministry of Education Professional Learning series CORE has a series of places available for leaders wanting some online leadership mentoring around a goal they have or wish to further. Places are available for leaders in the South Island in SELO 1 areas so Nelson, Blenheim, South Canterbury, West Coast, Oamaru and Invercargill.  We would love to access services that find it harder due to geography to access PL opportunites.  As this professional learning is funded by the Ministry of Education it is free of charge.  Please contact Helen Cartwright for further details.

  • helen.cartwright 15 Jul 2014 4:51am () in Implementing an effective ICT programme with infants and toddlers

    Hi Chelsey, you just missed a wonderful Learning @ Schools Early Years strand ICT Course that was held in Dunedin by CORE in May!  I am the CORE facilitator based in Dunedin and I am happy to talk about ICT Professional learning with you. We can arrange someting for yourself but better yet for your centre.  You can email me on, we can also may sure your centre is also on our mailing list.  


  • helen.cartwright 08 Jul 2014 12:57pm () in Learning Story/Assessment workshops

    Hi Melissa, am not sure what part of the country you are in but if you post here where you are I can get a local CORE Education facilitator (CORE run ECE Online) to be in touch with you to discuss professional learning around learning stories.  Sometimes team members can benefit more from one to one support which can be done face to face or online.  



  • helen.cartwright 26 Feb 2013 9:00am () in Narrative Assessment for infants and toddlers - Do learning stories have to be the same?

    Thanks Keryn, I have found the Mary Jane Drummond quote to be really helpful particularly the notion of "striving to understand".  For me this means that I don't know necessarily the answer, that I am talking with others in support of understanding whether they be the child, fellow teachers or whānau and that this all takes time - striving to understand for me doesn't happen overnight. 

    In terms of your first question Justine - should LS all be formatted the same way?  I personally think I that ECE is such a creative profession it is important that teachers are supported in adding their own style to writing the story.  However I do think that in terms of structure - the story needs a title, the date, the author, paragraphing and to be spell checked.  I think in terms of professionalism that this needs to happen.  I know there was a move away some years ago of explictly mentioning Te Whāriki in the story and just "weaving" it in but in my personal opinion we have a curriculum if we are not actively using it in our stories we are not promoting it to families and to ourselves.  

    In terms of content I write stories for my 11 month old daughter - they are based along a similar thread although there are lots of threads we could have chosen.  It is about moving.  Elizabeth's first story at 5.5 months examined how she was moving objects and moving herself another layer of complexity followed where she discovered that some objects made noise when she moved them others didn't.  The thread has continued over the months as we have watched as she has gone from being moved to making her own independant choices as she is now crawling and just standing up.  All these new levels she can now reach means she has opened up a whole new lot of places to discover (at the moment she is really into curtains!). 

    So the "Where to Next", Opportunites and Possibilites/Extending the learning has all been about supporting her to move around, supporting her to make choice and at the moment it is about her learning about moving around objects and props and moving for a purpose.  Hence we have the whole programme by which we can support her rather than just be confined to a very specific "where to next".  The how she is learning is important to record also and from our noticing at the moment it is all about observation and imitation- so the where to next is about supporting her with time and space to watch and copy.  

    Where did the golden thread of moving come from? - what privileged this? - well it sort of came from her I was just watching her and saw at 5.5 months that was what she was practising and keen on - moving.