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Does technology hinder or help toddlers' learning?

An online article from BBC about whether technology helps or hinders toddlers' learning.  You can access the article here:  Does technology hinder or help toddlers' learning?

Interesting how the importance of adults role-modelling comes through with technology as well.


  • Jocelyn Wright

    I have just been reading this online article 'Virtual learning for little ones raises developmental questions'. While not really taking one side of the argument or another it does position some important considerations around the use of technologies with our young children, such as:

    • being clear about how and why we use technology
    • using technology in highly engaging ways
    • having time for 'offline' discussion
    • connecting with what children bring, their experiences
    • learning about digital citizenship
    • learning to self regulate

    A comment is made about teachers needing to juggle screen time with hands on activities and pupil:teacher interaction . This got me thinking, does that mean these are seen as either or? In the New Zealand context I would think that teacher child interactions are central to learning with technologies and hands on experiences; you dont have one without the other. Or am I being idealistic?

    This article also introduced me to a concept that really stretched my thinking: online or virtual kindergartens.  What do you think about that?