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  • I am concerned about the pressure from society and ERO/Ministry of Education to include technology within our early childhood curriculum. I acknowlegde that is a part of our every day life now and that children are constantly exposed to it. However, my concern is how many of our teachers actually know how to use these devices correctly to ensure we are teaching children to use them approrpaitely. I still have staff that struggle inserting photos in to learning stories, or to put borders in word documents. Who is liable for teaching our teachers how to use technology? Surely it is the Ministry? Or is it just another cost we need to incur that comes out of our centre budgets? I believe this subject has been tiptoes around for a long time and no-one seems to be questioning it.

  • An online article from BBC about whether technology helps or hinders toddlers' learning.  You can access the article here:  Does technology hinder or help toddlers' learning?

    Interesting how the importance of adults role-modelling comes through with technology as well.

  • Our March virtual workshop is on using the iPads for Digital Storytelling, which might be of interest to some of our iPads in Education Group members.  Link for futher information is here:  DST workshop.


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    I came across this blogpost today and it is well worth sharing.  The power of encouraging and supporting our young children to CREATE rather than CONSUME on iPads is the 'story' I continue to share in both ECE and Primary settings.  I love it when I see this is action - this blogpost shares this belief and gives a snapshot of apps that are encouraging this for this classroomCool

  • Check out Syliva Tolisano's blogpost sharing her favourite storytelling apps.  Follow the links and try out a new one.  Let us know your feedbackLaughing.  With holiday time approaching for some it maybe the perfect opportunity to snap off some summer shots and trial some new storytelling apps!  Good luck.

    I am going to try out the Feltboard app.  What are you going to try?

  • Beverly Kaye from Manaia Kindergarten in Whangarei explains how the use of authentic apps helped extend and deepen children's knowledge and experiences:-)  

    Authentic apps in the early years from EDtalks on Vimeo.

  • Thanks to the new entrant teacher at Whangarei Heads School for sharing these interactive storybooks with me.  Collins Big Cat have 8 FREE story apps that not only promote a love of reading, but are also incredibly interactive.  My favourite part of these apps is being able to encourage the children to create their own stories with the inbuilt 'story creator'. You can create your own scenes, add your own text and then record your stories.  Check out the You Tube clip below created by Collins Books and have fun exploring.

  • In this video, Rowan Howell from City Kids talks about using an iPad in early childhood education.  Rowan talks about the thinking behind purchasing the iPad, how it is being used by the children and some of their favourite apps.


    ECE Online: Rowan Howell from CORE Education Digital Media on Vimeo.

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    Have just started exploring Little Story Maker on the iPad after seeing it suggested in the iPad group on the Virtual Learning Network.  Seems to be a perfect app for teachers to support childrenin creating their own stories - able to add photos, text and voice.  Once the story is created children are able to choose to have it read to them or read it by themselves.  Can't wait to head into an early childhood centre and give it a go.  Would love to have some of you trial this in your centres and give me some feedback.  It is a FREE app so well worth dowlnoading and having a play.

  • I am a commited sardineand always find valuable blogposts that make me think and reflect.  I would like to share this blogpost written by Ian Jukes - head on over and have a read.  Would love to hear your comments:-)

    'Should Kindergarteners Use iPads in the Classroom?'  



    As the iPad continues to carve a niche for itself in the modern digital classroom, the questions concerning age-appropriate implementation crops up. What grade levels it is best suited for? Is it more appropriate for some than it is for others? There are, of course, still those who feel such technological witchcraft has no such place in the traditional classroom at all. But that's the whole point, isn't? Classrooms aren't traditional anymore, and haven't been for a long time. Mobile devices are now more than ever the go-to tools for learning both inside and outside of the classroom walls. As far as their grade-specific permeation into the curriculum goes, it's no longer the questions of "if" or "should"; now it's a matter of "how" and "when".